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shaxyra disse: are you thinking what i'm thinking b1?

Wait, I am B1! Hahahahaha! :D


30-Day Photo Challenge » Day 2 - A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

He’s someone who would make me feel guilty whenever I eat 2++ cups of rice, the one who can make me laugh/cry/scream at the same time (yeap, that’s possible), the whipped CREAMinal, the guy who would kick your freakin arse if you’d mess with me, my Starbucks/Bo’s Coffee/CBTL/-go-to-date, my 90s music buddy, the one who’d chant crescendos/decrescendos with me, my ultimate driver, my not-so-baby brother. :P

calawesome disse: Hi miss ur very pretty! hello!!.... aw, wa man diay "anonymous" nga option sa imu tumblr grr hahahhaha

Hahaha! Caloooooy~ :)


30-Day Photo Challenge » Day 1 - A picture of yourself with ten facts

Fact #1: This photo is a self-portrait. I’d like to call it a “skill development exercise”. :P

Fact #2: I am a registered nurse and currently pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor. I will prolly have a career in pediatrics or cosmetic surgery. HAHA!

Fact #3: I love photography and this is how it all began » CLICK.

Fact #4: Music’s the medicine of the mind and heart. I think it would be totally awesome if my life had background music just like in the movies.

Fact #5: I think, I write, I blog. I love words and I love finding new words that say exactly what I mean.

Fact #6: I love coffee. I love everything about it. It’s unique aroma and taste is quite like no other drink on earth.

Fact #7: I dunno why but I really have a thing for huge, heavy bags. Sorry for those who have to carry it for me. :P

Fact #8: I am an adrenaline junkie. I work best under pressure.

Fact #9: I smell just about everything I come into contact with: food, a friend’s perfume and oh yeah, books! New books, old books. I love ‘em all!

Fact #10: I will win first place in a food eating contest. I’m a small girl with a big appetite. Beware.


All those who came, all those who weren’t able to come but sent me the sweetest words and gave me unexpected midnight calls, thank you. I don’t think of my birthday as being another year older. I think of it as another year of having enjoyed a friend like you.

To everyone in this photo, thank you for the impromptu birthday celebration.

Love always,
Nowi ♥


How it all began »

I’ve always had an artistic bent, particularly when I applied my talent towards sketching and drawing. And yes, art has always been my favorite subject in school —- science was next. ;)

I can still recall that particular event which “inspired” me to pursue photography. Take a look at the FIRST PHOTO in this collage —- silhouette shot of a couple captured at prolly 6AM in the morning with my digital camera, a Sony DSC W50. It may not be grand for some but for me, that moment was an epiphany.

There came a point when I knew that I had to “level up”. I wanted to have better control of my images, in much the same way as I had control of my drawn images. Or, at least, as much control as I could exercise.

I asked my dad to get me a digital SLR on December 15, 2007 and got it the next day. Oh yes, thank you daddy. :)

I took snapshots of animate and inanimate objects, people, animals, anything that’s beautiful.

I take great pride in my street shots not ‘coz they’re perfect, but because I took that challenge, THAT risk.

I’ve learned quite a lot through the years. I realized that you have to be prepared to climb around a scene to get the best possible composition, and this can be hard work. A LOT OF WORK. My back and feet would hurt but I loved it..

And yeah, the rest is history.

Please do click THIS for my FB like page. ;) See ya!

——Noelle :)


I just had a photoshoot at Gilutongan Island with my groupie, CDP (Cebu Digital Photographers). Very tiring but fulfilling day. Love it. <3 I’m stuck at photoshop-dom. Gaaah. Wish I learned this stuff earlier!


Say hello to my FB profile pic. I shall name thee “love is not blind”. Hahaha. :) Hello Tumblr! I’m back! Sorta. ;)


Champorado is love!~ <3 NOM.


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