Publicly private.

I had a crazy fun night with friends. Borderline “unorthodox insane fun”, yet in realms of being barely acceptable. Exaggerating, yesss. Haha. But yeah, t’was fun alright.

Imagine a warm summer night..

  • when you’re supposed to take event photos yet you purposely left your external flash at home and you end up feeling blah coz you couldn’t take a decent photo
  • had a sip of errr.. “drink” on an empty stomach (no lunch, no dinner)
  • spent a few minutes looking for a friend’s watch
  • had a late delish dinner (think spicy squid, spicy chorizo, pork BBQ, sizzling bangus)
  • an impromptu decision to go on a night swimming escapade WITHOUT a bikini, dropping by a Korean shop and buying THAT overpriced bikini
  • eating ice cream from uhhh.. nevermind (naughty Korean ice cream. LOL)
  • and finally, spending the rest of the night making up stories, chanting “we are liars” and swimming, floating or trying to, anyway.

If our life is too predictable, it feels boring. If it’s too uncertain, it feels unsafe. Try crazy fun!