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I came along
I wrote a song for you
And all the things you do
And it was called yellow

So then I took my turn
Oh all the things I’ve done
And it was all yellow



Do you know I love you so?
You know I love you so.

#Yellow by Coldplay
#Song in my head


10 Things That Made Me Happy Over The Weekend

Sprinkle a sack of school stress, pour in a cup of lens-related worries and drain out ‘ze source of energy, TADAAAA! A recipe of gloominess for moi. But in the midst of all these, I realized that the only way to be happy is to stay away from all the negativity. Besides, whining is a waste of oxygen. =P

In no particular order, here are 10 things that made me happy over the weekend.

1. Sleeping on a bed of clouds

2. Dancing in the rain

3. A kiss mark on a future heartthrob

4. The rain of petals

5. A makeshift rain sleeve for my cam

6. The little drummer boy

7. Cebu Digital Photographers, the gang of pure awesome

8. His vantage point

9. Golden wings

10. A photo with a festival queen and my favorite boys

"Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
- Abraham Lincoln

Don’t be so sad, yeah?

Lyric tee of the beautiful band, Rescue a Hero
Check out RAH’s website and their Facebook fan page.

I shall upload more Sinulog 2011 photos when I’m done with the sack of school stress. :P

Ciao ^^


And as you’re down there sinking to the bottom of loneliness, I’ll be there to drown with you. // Rescue a Hero


I actually asked for a guitar on my 13th birthday. I never learned how to play like a musical genius though. Haha! :D My brother borrowed it when he turned 11 or 12 and he’s now my guitar hero. Haha! :D


This is happiness.